What they aren’t telling you!

We are seeing results without medication and surgery. We are reversing this degenerative disease and helping people get relief!

Goodbye Neuropathy Treatment Center treats Peripheral Neuropathy with light therapy, vibration therapy, neuro – electrical stimulation and supplements.


Our goal is to regenerate nerves which have been damaged due to peripheral neuropathy. We help with muscle weakness, balance, sensations of temperature, vibration and touch especially in the hands and feet. See several of our patients tell about their own results. Click Here


Dr. Robert Prewitt our head Doctor is board certified in Neuropathy. He has been researching, training and changing protocols with patients to get them the best results since he has been a health and wellness practicioner for t

Peripheral Neuropathy is damage to the peripheral nervous system that can cause burning, tingling, numbness, loss of sensation of touch, hot/cold, and vibration which can lead to balance issues.


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